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Four-Year Partnership in Support Of Ground breaking Research Around Epilepsy

February 4, 2020
GladAfrica Foundation launched the GladAfrica Epilepsy

In a historic milestone, GladAfrica Foundation launched the GladAfrica Epilepsy Research Project (GERP) at the University of Venda in Limpopo in February 2020. The Launch was attended by local government leaders, top officials and academics from the University of Venda, and members of the media. 

In line with its mandate of uplifting communities through socially meaningful projects, the GladAfrica Foundation and the University of Venda formally entered into a partnership to research the effects of epilepsy in rural communities of Limpopo and Mpumalanga.Epilepsy is one of the health conditions that remains highly stigmatised within our communities. According to Epilepsy SA, epilepsy affects 1 out of 100 people and about 66% of the underlying causes of epilepsy are unknown. The aim of GERP is to develop and implement awareness and educational initiates that will demystify epilepsy in a clinical way. During his address Co-Chair of the Foundation, Noel Mashaba, who suffered from epilepsy as a child, said the four year partnership with the University of Venda will make way for multi-sector engagements necessary to raise awareness about epilepsy. He emphasized that education and awareness campaigns were essential to change the narrative around epilepsy. 


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