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GA Environment

Setting new standards of best practice in safety and sustainability

GA Environment, a subsidiary of GladAfrica Group, strives to provide sustainable solutions an array of clients through our in-depth understanding of environmental best practice and the need to incorporate socioeconomic factors in everyday business decisions.

The growth of the environmental sector, together with the growing national and international drive towards sustainable development, has provided GA Environment with a platform to successfully emerge as a company that is able to undertake key infrastructure projects. Early successes include river rehabilitation, large-scale mixed-use developments, conservation management, and complex projects in the oil and gas industry. Since these initial achievements, GA Environment has been able to diversify its service offerings, providing creative solutions to both the private and public sectors. These diversified services range from occupational health and safety solutions to geospatial investigations, strategic environmental planning and corporate environmental programme management.

Our multiple service offerings and highly experienced team of professionals set us apart from our competition. A strong sense of ethics and integrity, coupled with complementary capabilities and a well-balanced approach to creating a managed and sustainable environment, is the formula for success in GA Environment.

The GA Environment team is committed to providing its clients with high-quality technical assistance and field support. Combining proficiency with decades of experience in providing environmental services for projects from various industries, we are able to attend to our clients’ needs in an efficient and cost- effective manner.

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Our Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Environmental Project / Programme Management
  • Integrated Waste and Water Management Plans
  • GIS Specialist Services
  • Conservation Planning and Biodiversity Management Plans
  • Renewable Energy and Green Building Solutions
  • Occupational Health and Safety Solutions
  • Green Building Concept Designs


ISO 9001:2020


Quality Policy