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The GladAfrica Foundation Trust

Building Live, Creating Hope

The Foundation’s main objective is to undertake strategic projects that contribute to socio-economic development. The vision of the Foundation is to be a credible game-changer in eradicating poverty through education and community upliftment. The Foundation is managed by a board of trustees and the nominated representatives of the Foundation committee. This committee directs and guides the Foundation’s corporate governance and decisions about operational and strategic priorities.

The Foundation seeks and encourages innovative, differentiated approaches to creating environments that empower communities and to sustainably transforming the livelihoods of those living in poverty.

The Foundation’s education and career development projects aim to empower people to become gainfully employed, resulting in changed lives and broader socio-economic upliftment.

The social development focus of the Foundation involves identifying innovative projects that address community challenges in a sustainable manner by empowering individuals to contribute to their communities.

The participation of the Foundation in health and research ultimately aims to increase community understanding and acceptance of stigmatised illnesses, and assist individuals living with illness.

The Foundation’s Core Focus

  • Education

  • Career Development

  • Social Development

  • Health and Research.

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