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Group Structure

Performance excellence in everything we do

Group Structure

Systematic direction for the organisation
GA Group Structure

Engineering Excellence

We believe it is important that GladAfrica maintains a unique identity in the market. We however also benchmark ourselves against our peers. This is important not only to ensure that our approach to project delivery remains at the cutting edge, but that we will continuously remain relevant and competitive.

Performance excellence in everything we do

Over the two decades of our existence, a key element of GladAfrica’s approach to business has been to always seek to build on existing strengths. Our approach has always been that it is far more resource efficient to grow by leveraging existing strengths than to try to reinvent the wheel. Organic growth requires areas of strength and expertise to be bolstered and used as a foundation for further growth. Traditionally, these strengths have been in three mutually reinforcing areas: Recruiting and investing in capable professionals, quality in all areas of service delivery, and investing in our client relationships such that we have become trusted advisors,
rather than a service provider.

Having established a strong foundation for growth, we consistently work to preserve the sustainability of the business. For us, sustainability means not only that the company will continue to exist and deliver infrastructure projects well into the future, but that it will continue to do so while achieving very high levels of client satisfaction. We have therefore built an internal ecosystem conducive to preserving sustainability by developing and retaining skills and capacity.

Innovation, intelligence, and integrity are the founding principles that have driven the growth and evolution of our business for close to two decades. Commitment to these principles, across all aspects of our business, has contributed to our remarkable growth rate.

We continue to entrench our core values of engineering, environment and project management excellence through quality delivery and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being the partner of choice for clients in both the private and public sectors. Our advanced capability to interpret, adapt and respond timeously to our clients’ ever evolving business strategies and practices is a key differentiator that has contributed to our success.

Our people are the heart of our business and the reason for the success of the group.

Everyone is valued and through collaboration, from our technical experts to our corporate services staff, the best results are produced. GladAfrica understands the ever-increasing stress that the modern lifestyle imposes. We therefore promote a balanced lifestyle, recognising that satisfied employees work cheerfully, energetically and productively.

The South African built environment provides significant opportunities for GladAfrica to achieve its growth targets. Our current suite of service offerings has enabled us to pursue and secure opportunities in the market. We recognise that we must continuously work hard to meet the expectations of current and future clients. This entails that our project leaders and project managers stay close to our clients to fully understand what success means to them. It also means properly understanding market dynamics, as well as the evolving pressures that apply along the entire infrastructure delivery value chain.

Our company’s phenomenal growth over the period of its existence demonstrates our commitment to delivering quality projects, timeously, at increasingly sophisticated levels. Our overall service delivery is underpinned by globally recognised and certified best practices, in line with our ISO certified quality management system. We constantly seek and integrate increasingly efficient, sustainable, and globally relevant practices in the built-environment industry.

Our business model – Markets

Through new solutions, innovation and partnerships, GladAfrica is leading the journey to tomorrow’s built environment.

1 Inputs
  • Qualified, certified, specialised human capital (our people)
  • Knowledge (skills sets and experience)
  • Registered professionals
  • Professional corporate memberships /associations
  • Governance
  • Quality management systems
  • Strategy
  • National infrastructure (offices) Intellectual property
  • Relationships
  • Client-centric solutions
  • Business-intelligent tools
2 Business activities
  • Research and development planning
  • Commercialisation
  • Design
  • Quality control
  • Relationship management
  • Operational improvements
  • Feasibility studies and reporting
3 Outputs
  • Civil engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Transport engineering
  • Water and sanitation engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Rail engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Project management
  • Programme management
  • Development management
  • Construction management
  • Tenant coordination and installations
  • Fixed asset management
  • Facilities management
  • Public–private partnerships
4 Outcomes
  • Sustained stakeholder relationships
  • Repeat business
  • Improved quality of communities’ living conditions
  • Job creation
  • Sustainable developments (legacy structures)

GladAfrica Flagship Projects

GladAfrica’s portfolio of services is rooted in global best practice and honed to provide tailor-made solutions for the local built environment

Consulting Engineers

Exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Project Managers

Highly profificient professionals.

GA Environment

Setting new standards