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GladAfrica Championship Story

August 6, 2020
GladAfrica Championship Trophy Story

The GladAfrica Championship. This is the story of the power of a place, a people and a persistent pursuit of perfection. 

A little under 20 years ago an idea was born. An idea which, at that time was unprecedented and seemingly impossible. What if a world class consulting engineering firm could be built by a native son of the soil?  Surely farfetched, it appeared to some. A flight of fancy, others would go on to say. A pie-in-the-sky daydream that would never land. But you see, there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come… and one of the sweetest joys of bringing such an idea to life, is doing it in spite of the doubters.

What started as the dream of one visionary, through collective dedication and devoted teamwork soon became the GladAfrica Group: a conglomerate incorporating GladAfrica Management Services, GladAfrica Consulting Engineers, GladAfrica Project Managers and GA Environment. 

GladAfrica Championship Story

And today, that idea, that dream, that conjecture, is the sponsoring partner of the eponymous GladAfrica Championship.

GladAfrica Championship believes in developing communities, audiences and to bring hope to the nation through the sport we all love, soccer. 

Our sponsorship gives opportunities for young talented soccer players to be nurtured properly and put in the right structures to make sure that their talent opens doors for them. We hope to see an improvement in community football. Hopefully, through this celebration of the best, we usher in South Africa’s next crop of national champions.

This means dedication, commitment, perseverance, consistency. It means understanding that one goal is all it takes to reach your goal.

In the GladAfrica Championship being the best means more than winning the R3 million prize money. It also means joining the games best, the Premier Soccer League. Ultimately being the best means taking home the prestigious GladAfrica Championship Trophy…

Forged by 10 artisans, over 150 hours, using a combination of traditional skill and leading design technology, the majestic GladAfrica Championship Trophy is the crowning glory of the league’s pursuit of excellence. Its design speaks to GladAfrica’s commitment to Africa, the place, Africa, the people, and Africa, the pursuit. The trophy showcases how GladAfrica is rooted in investing in communities, we have invested in the sponsorship because we believe in South Africa’s talent.

The Place – Calabash

The calabash, an original African bowl sits atop the trophy as a tribute to Africa the place, with its contrasting vistas of lofty peaks and spreading savannah, its diverse cultural tapestry, its love and generosity. After all a calabash is a dish everyone eats from.  

The People – Riser

The riser of the trophy is in the form of collective arms enveloping a globe and stretching upward to hold the calabash. It represents Africa the people. These arms uphold the community the way a caring mother nurtures the growth of her child. This is how GladAfrica intends to develop the community

The Pursuit of Perfection – Plinth/Base

The base of the trophy is sturdy, providing a solid foundation for the entire trophy. It aptly represents the GladAfrica team’s support of the sponsorship; its members’ active participation through match attendance, moral support and cheerleading.  The GladAfrica group’s strength provides the backbone of the entire Championship enterprise. 

The Platinum and Gold Plaque

Rounding up the trophy, both literally and figuratively is the plaque. South Africa is a mineral rich country. This wealth must translate into value directly benefitting the community. GladAfrica is investing in the growth of the people of South Africa .

The GladAfrica Championship: The game, The people

The pursuit of belonging 

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