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Flagship Projects

Cit of Tshwane IRPTN PMU and Technical Advisory Services

  • Client:
    City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality
  • Project value:
    R9 billion
  • Purpose:
    Provision of services for master planning, infrastructure planning, engineering, project preparation, project implementation and project support services for the City’s Key Infrastructure initiatives for a period of 3 years. The establishment of a CoT Programme Management Unit (PMU) provides benefits to the City through advocating and supporting project management functions and co-ordination and management of staff, and activities that will drive the completion of projects with the required time, cost and quality parameters.
  • Scope:
    The PMU provided project management and technical advisory services to the COT IRPTN Programme. The PMU was responsible for the following workstream outputs within the Unit: Systems Planning and Marketing, Communications, CIS, Stakeholder Engagement, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Infrastructure, Operations, Industry Transition, Business, Finance and Legal.
  • Responsible business units:
    GladAfrica Consulting Engineers | GladAfrica Project Managers | GA Environment