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Flagship Projects

Flagship Project – Project Management

Ga-Rankuwa City Mall

Ga-Rankuwa City Mall
  • Client:
    Public Investment Corporation
  • Project value:
    R670 million
  • Purpose:
    Redevelopment of Ga-Rankuwa City will augment the centre’s GLA and introduce modern infrastructure and amenities that respond to social and economic needs of Ga-Rankuwa.
  • Scope:
    The expansion of the GLA from 27,000 sqm to 38,000sqm including construction of external building pads, and modernise the shopping Centre in line with current trends and safeguard appeal to future generations within the catchment area. Develop a concept to include a dual food anchorage, food court and entertainment. Due consideration should be given to including land parcels to be purchased and incorporating a new modernized Public Transport facility.
  • Responsible business units:
    GladAfrica Project Managers