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Flagship Projects

Integrated rated Public Transport Network (IPTN) Development

  • Client:
    Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality.
  • Project value:
    R5 billion
  • Purpose:
    Planning, design and implementation of the IPTN plan of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality.
  • Scope:

    Establishment of a project management office which will be responsible for the design and implementation of the IPTN. The IPTN comprises (amongst other modes) the Bus Rapid Transport system (BRT).

    The project management configuration is made up of the following work streams:

    • Systems planning
    • Infrastructure planning
    • Business and finance
    • Legal and compliance
    • Intelligence transport system (ITS)
    • Environmental management and compliance
    • Project management
    • Industry transition
    • Marketing and media relations

    The ultimate objective of the project is to provide the citizens of Mangaung with a high-quality experience in public transport system

  • Responsible business units:
    GladAfrica Consulting Engineers | GladAfrica Project Managers | GA Environment